These Jerks have been harassing you since you left the friend group, being big meanie heads, can you get to the principal and avoid them? 


This was an excuse to make a game since I don't want to give myself a break, there is no work put into this, so please don't go in the comments and spam stuff about that this is a terrible game (I already know that, does not contribute to much)


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Even if it was short and simple, I enjoyed the feeling of outrunning those big meanie heads! Thank you for the experience.

No problem!

_Dang this bring back some terrifying memories🤣
_It seems like you did this game in a short time (I don't know, I'm not even making a game ever so eh) but this game could expand more where those jerks give you an even harder time than before, now they kinda slow.
Overall quite a fun game, keep it up😁👍